All-age Talk

God with us

Making it a Cracking (Covid) Christmas - a pack of resources to celebrate Christmas in grand style despite the limitations

Bake-along-a-Christmas: Real time baking online with an all age Christmas talk

Walk about Nativity: An immersive walking tour through scenes of the Nativity

Zoom Nativity: A virtual scratch Nativity play

Car park carols: A drive-in all age Carol service in a car park

Christmas came to me: A local outdoor community Carol sing-along on your street

All resources out on the 5th November 2020!

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Holiday Club

Secret Agents (Luke)

Virtual Holiday Club Package

Do you want to know who Jesus really is? Join the Secret Agents Academy and find out the truth as you dig deep into Luke’s Gospel in this 5 day Virtual Holiday Club!

Everything you need for a week of fun, amazing Bible truths, catchy songs and Secret Agent challenges are just a click away.

The package includes:

· A detailed plan for each day (4 days and an all age Sunday service) – includes a running order with links to songs and videos, challenges, worksheets, craft and activity ideas and suggestions for making your Virtual Holiday Club a week of fun with friends when socialising is restricted.

· A short talk for each day – with notes on props to make your talk visual and engaging.

· ‘The Sketch’ videos – our Secret Agent wants to find out who Jesus is. Join him as he shares the day’s Big Question in video 1 and the Big Answer he has uncovered in video 2. These videos can be found on the Faith in Kids Youtube Channel Holiday Club - Secret Agents playlist

Ready to create your Virtual Holiday Club? Download our resources, get your Secret Agent disguise on and get recording!

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Sunday School

We need Jesus lesson 8 - We need new life

Matthew 9:18-26

Simplified Sunday resource to be taught by parents at home during lockdown

Matthew’s story shows us the great power and compassion of a Saviour who transforms lives. Hear what he says. See what he does. The desperate woman clinging to his cloak is called “daughter”. He walks with the grieving father. He holds the little girl’s hand and she lives. He reaches into death and brings life.

We are dead in sin, unable to help ourselves. Our only hope is that Jesus is kind enough and powerful enough to help us. This story should thrill our hearts with the wonderful truth that he is BOTH! This great news should change us and this new life should spill out of us to those around us.

Questions to Ponder

Do I really recognise my desperate and helpless situation before God, apart from Jesus?

How much of a difference does knowing Jesus make in my life, that others can see?

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Sunday School

We need Jesus lesson 7 - We need a friend

Matthew 9:9-13

Simplified Sunday resource to be taught by parents at home during lockdown

Matthew’s story helps us see the connection between how we respond to Jesus and how we view others. If we view ourselves as sinners in need of a Saviour, failures whose only hope is grace, we will extend grace to our fellow sinners. Once we have been humbled to recognise our own sinful state, we won’t be able to look down on others with pride. Our delight at being included by Christ and welcomed to his table will transform us to welcome, include and love others, especially those that others leave out.

Jesus' call to follow him is for all who know they need him. Sadly, the Pharisees don’t think they do.

Questions to Ponder

Are you amazed and delighted that Jesus welcomes you, or should he be delighted to have you on his guest list? How does his generous welcome of you change the way you think about and act towards people who some view as failures?

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Sunday School

We need Jesus lesson 6 - We need to be forgiven

Matthew 9:1-8

Simplified Sunday resource to be taught by parents at home during lockdown

Perhaps you know this story well. Where are the crowds blocking the doors? Where is the hole in the roof? Matthew didn’t make a mistake with what he left out. He is drawing his own picture, to highlight what is most important. He wants us to see and hear the shock of the claim – “Son, your sins are forgiven”. Matthew focuses his story-telling lens on the response of the people to the words of Jesus.

V2 – His problem is obvious, everyone can see it, he has to be carried by friends. We all expect Jesus to fix his legs. Jesus tells him to take heart, because his sins are forgiven. We should be left surprised. Firstly, how does this help? Secondly, how can he claim to be able to do that?

V6 – Jesus wants us to know something. Always worth listening! He wants us to know that he has the authority to forgive. This whole exchange is about learning that. And if we get that, we will leave dancing with the man and singing with the crowd. This is Jesus' clearest claim to be God. Here he shows himself to be the one we were told he would be way back in Matthew 1:21 “give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.”

This is what he came to do, because this is what each one of us most needs.

Questions to Ponder

What needs fixing most - your body or your soul? Do you share in the worship of the crowd? If not, have you forgotten or minimised your need for forgiveness?

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