Look back, look up, look on

Family reflections

Parenting often feels like, “wake, eat, sleep, repeat”, so memories and traditions feel like gold dust.

Create a special moment before you return to the routine in January. Light a candle or a fire. Make hot drinks or cold milkshakes. Offer cake or marshmallows. Download our one page “Look back, look up, look on” worksheet

Give the time to the Lord, out loud or in your heart, asking that he would use your efforts.

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Sunday School

The Adventure of Christmas

Adaptable resources to celebrate Christmas

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Download the themed, customizable service bundle to create custom images, invitations and social media posts.

In this seasonal series you will find a Christmas buffet of resource treats. The four flexible sessions have been written so that you can fill your plate with what you and your church family need this Christmas.

Use the lesson plans as a Sunday School series, with optional scripts to help you tell the Bible story as a kids slot first.

Use the All-Welcome Service outlines as the basis for services suitable for everyone - young and old, church family and visitors alike.

Use the Family Adventure booklet as an outreach tool to give to local families along with Christmas literature, an invitation to church and a treat, all in a bag.

Combine elements from different weeks to create your own whole-Christmas- story extravaganza (e.g. Christmas festival service or outdoor Nativity Adventure)

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Sunday School

With God Together

A series of Sunday School lessons based on Psalms

A series of four Sunday School lessons. 

Life can feel overwhelming.

Our children are handling some big emotions. They may be small but the pressures on them can still
be huge. Children are developmentally different to adults and each child is different, but the struggles
and temptations of the human heart remain the same, irrespective of age or stage. The critical difference
of youth is that they are still developing their coping strategies. Let us teach our children to turn to God with
their emotions, so that he can tend to their troubled hearts.
In the Psalms, our children can hear every cry of their hearts echoed, raw and unvarnished. They can
hear their own emotions expressed. They can see their feelings of anxiety, loneliness, doubt or despair
painted in full colour.

In this series those overwhelming emotions are named, described and acknowledged. These are the
monsters that lurk in the darkness for our children, but they do not need to fight them alone and they do not
need to be crushed by them. God is for our children.

In his care, they find their shelter, their companion and their reassurance. His love, faithfulness and
protection are big enough to enfold whatever they are experiencing. Through the Psalms, we can teach our
children to run to God when the monsters loom large in their lives.
The Psalms are corporate. We sing of our God together, reminding one another of truths we are
prone to forget. We want our children to know that relying on God is not something they have to do
alone. We pray that they will treasure their church family as the place where we come together to point
one another back to our loving, rescuing, protecting Heavenly Father. The place where we find help for
our struggles and reassurance that we are right to keep trusting God when life is tough. As they grow, our
children won’t always want to listen to their parents and their parents won’t always be in the next room.
But our children can always be part of a church family that will speak the truth to them in love.

When life overwhelms us, our children can know there is love, safety and victory… with God - together.

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Holiday Club

Dangerous Club

An evangelistic outreach club


Dangerous Club is a monthly church-run club for children in school years 4-6 (8-11 year olds).

At the centre of the club is a short, clear, evangelistic Bible talk which aims to show children more of Jesus and their need for him in their lives. The activities are big, fun and high energy. Despite its name, there is no real danger involved, but it feels exciting!


In Dangerous Club we want to give older children an opportunity to invite their friends to a club that is specifically aimed at their age group.

Dangerous Club helps children learn how to pray for their friends, invite them to a church event and care for them when they come along.

Dangerous Club can be a great opportunity to teach the Bible in an age specific context. It can also be a fun club to enjoy with their friends, where their church can gain credibility. Finally, it is also an opportunity for new role models to play a part in their life, as leaders care for them and discuss the Bible passage with them.

This package includes 10 short talks and activity plans as well as the information you need to start your own Dangerous Club.

We’d love to hear back from you. Please help us improve our resources by filling out our short feedback survey.

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All-age Talk

Easter Bake Along

A script of a zoom bake along event

We offer this script for those churches who want to run their own Easter Bake-along instead of watching ours. To do so, you will need a baker and a presenter. With a few rehearsals, you could run this as a live Zoom event, baking, speaking and interacting with the families participating. This is the ideal, since interaction engages children.

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