You've got this!
You are God's 'plan A' for the children he has given you. We want to encourage you as you bring faith to life.
We know that sharing your faith with your children can often resemble a crazy rollercoaster ride, with many highs and lows and not much time to take a breath.
We want to walk alongside you, providing inspiration and support and pointing you to the God who equips you for this parenting task.
We have a range of resources, written with parents of all ages and stages in mind, that we hope will help and excite you.
Engaging teaching material to help you apply the Bible to everyday life.
Dive into a Bible adventure with your whole family.
Listen to our inspiring and entertaining channels for both parents and kids.
Check out our creative ideas for connecting with families.
Enjoy a variety of training sessions, mini movies and animated conversations.
Curl up for an encouragingly honest chat about family life and ministry.

What we're about...

Confident parents and thriving churches working together to raise children who trust in Jesus eternally.