Sunday School

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Here you will find six sessions for 11+ following the same titles as the Growing Up Sunday school sessions.

We’ve written Growing Up after the popularity of our introductory resource, “Who am I?”, which taught about the identity our Creator God gives us and how that changes our sense of belonging and the value we have.

Growing Up: God’s Good Story goes further, providing age-appropriate

Easter Explained is new series contains 4 Sunday school lessons which bring to life 4 statements Jesus says in the book of John, Easter Explained by Jesus! Jesus is a man on a mission to give his life to save his friends.

Each lesson in this series contains preparation notes for leaders, a

“Who am I?”

Our confused culture is asking children to create their own answers to that question. This pressure to decide everything for themselves robs them of the secure identity that God has given them.

They’re left anxiously wondering…

  • “Am I good enoug

In this seasonal series you will find a Christmas buffet of resource treats. The four flexible sessions have been written so that you can fill your plate with what you and your church family need this Christmas.

Each le

A series of Sunday School lessons based on Psalms.

In the Psalms, our children can hear every cry of their hearts echoed, raw and unvarnished. They can
hear their own emotions expressed. They can see their feelings of anxiety, loneliness, doubt or despair painted in full colour.

Meals with Jesus is a series of 9 lessons in Luke’s Gospel that explore who Jesus chose to sit and eat with. He could have dined with the VIPs of his day, but instead he often ate with the sinners, the outcasts, the broken and the needy. Through these Bible stories, children will discover m

The Wonder of Easter is a series of 5 lessons following Jesus on his journey in Luke’s Gospel. Through these five passages children will discover the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection as the most amazing story ever told.

The lessons have been written to dovetail with the <