Confident parents and thriving churches raising children together to trust Jesus eternally.


To encourage, inspire and equip the influencers of faith in children with support, training and resources.


We love Jesus and his Word

All our work is an act of worship to Jesus, seeking to pull hearts and lives to God and his word.

We love people

Our team strives for integrity, humility and compassion. We want to serve across all denominational and cultural divides. We are there for families and local churches, in the beautiful rough and tumble of our lives.

We partner for change

We passionately pursue our vision, seeking to influence to improve cultures.

We aim high

We want to produce sparkling resources. Churches, parents and children deserve the best.

We live it

The mess isn’t just yours, it’s ours too. We want to speak into the everyday. We get it.

Where to next...?


You've got this!
You are God's 'plan A' for the children he has given you. We want to encourage you as you bring faith to life.


We're with you!
You don't "just help with the kids" – you connect families to church. We want to equip and train you to lead well.

church leaders

We're for you!
We know you are pulled in every direction. We'd love to help you make your church a place where families thrive.