Shipwrecked Holiday Club (Jonah)

Join the shipwrecked crew and find out how God rules over everything as you dive deep into the amazing truths of the book of Jonah in this fun-filled Holiday Club!

Bill and Ted are shipwrecked on an island where they meet a sea captain. There are lots of games, crafts and songs but most importantly we learn who is in charge, the danger we are in and how much God loves us – so much that he sent Jesus to rescue us. 

The package includes:

  • Lots of information to help you plan, even if you’re starting from a blank page – a planning schedule, a suggested timetable, a list of roles and responsibilities and a leaders handbook.
  • A 4-day teaching programme in Jonah with full length talk scripts and suggestions for props or slides to make your talk visual and engaging.
  • Comedy drama scripts, Bible narrative scripts, catchy song suggestions, worksheets for different age groups and activity ideas.
  • An all-age service plan so the whole church and families of children who attend can join in the fun and hear what you have been learning about God over the week. 

Ready to create your Shipwrecked Holiday Club? Download our resources, get your sunglasses ready and have an excellent week uncovering the truth of how God rules over everything.

Sketch videos can be found here if you choose to use them instead of drawing your own.

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