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We know you are pulled in every direction. We'd love to help you make your church a place where families thrive.
It blows our minds every time we hear the statistics about the importance of children’s ministry.
Research in 2017* revealed that 40 per cent of practicing UK Christians came to faith by the age of 5. Sixteen per cent came to faith by the age of 10 and 19 per cent between the age of 11-18. This means that three quarters of those in our churches today came to faith as a child or young person. Investing in children’s ministry is strategically vital.
We’d love to encourage you to keep making the effort to support families and disciple children in your church. We’re here to give you (and your children’s workers, volunteers and parents) all the support we can in this hard but important task.
Engaging teaching material to help you apply the Bible to everyday life.
Dive into a Bible adventure with your whole family.
Discover how working together can better serve children and families.
Check out our creative ideas for connecting with families.
Enjoy a variety of training sessions, mini movies and animated conversations.
Develop your children’s ministry by booking onto one of our training events.

What we're about...

Confident parents and thriving churches working together to raise children who trust in Jesus eternally.