What is Dangerous Club?

‘I’m an atheist’ he said in the discussion group after the talk.

Despite that, he attended an event in a church building that openly advertised a Bible talk as part of the programme. Not only did he sit through the talk, he took part in the discussion time and openly explained why he didn’t believe the Bible was true.

He was 9 years old.

What made this self-proclaimed atheist attend Dangerous Club and keep coming back?

It’s very likely he came for the activities – indoor snowball fights, sticking feet into icy water to pick up marbles and starting fires with flints. It’s possible his parents wanted 2 hours of childcare. Whatever it was, he was a familiar face at Dangerous Club. He heard about Jesus and his need for him. His beliefs were challenged. His salvation was prayed for. His family were invited to other events. He took part in the activities, had a lot of fun and always left smiling.

So, what exactly is Dangerous Club?

It’s a monthly church-run club for children in school years 4-6 (8-11 year olds). It’s evangelistic. It’s big fun!

At the centre of each club is a short, clear, evangelistic talk. The aim is to show children Jesus and help them realise their need for him in their lives. Children of this age who’ve grown up in the church have started to understand that their friends need Jesus too. They know inviting their friends to Dangerous Club is a safe bet because they’re confident they will have an excellent time. They’re excited to share their church, a place they feel they belong, with their friends. They love doing varied and off-the-wall activities together. And they get to share what they believe in a safe place where discussion is encouraged and leaders care about the individual children.

Dangerous Club isn’t your run of the mill after school club. It’s once a month so it stays fresh and exciting. It’s an anticipated event because of its high energy and quality activities. And of course, there’s the danger! (Ok, there’s no real danger involved but the children don’t need to know that.) When you’re 8 years old and you’re handed a bucket of water balloons or squirted with tomato ketchup in a game of tag, there’s an edgy excitement that makes the club worthy of its name.

At its heart, Dangerous Club is about reaching the lost. Jesus loves the lost. He seeks out the lost. He sent out his disciples to the lost. But children are too young to be sent out on their own, so instead we invite the lost in. Maybe they will say they are atheists. Maybe they will come for the activities. Maybe parents will send them for the childcare. But they will hear about Jesus, they’ll be loved by the church and they’ll leave smiling.

We’ve created a full set of talks and activity plans to help you start your own Dangerous Club. Download the package from our website now!