Using Wonder of Easter as home church resource? Here’s how we will help

This Sunday, take the opportunity to run your own home church using the Faith in Kids Wonder of Easter resources.

Five lessons from Luke to take you from the triumphal entry to the ascension, work sheets, discussion questions, games and crafts! These were written for Sunday Schools, but we think families will be able to use them.

Download from the website and get cracking – get the kids rehearsing the Bible drama, finding stones to decorate, argue over the songs, limber up for a donkey race… we can smash this! 

We will continue to guide you week by week with top tips and a library of creative ideas via our blog, and will release kids and parents podcasts to support families learning together! The first podcast for parents will be available on Friday the 20th March while kids podcasts will be out twice a week from 24th March.

You can do it!

Will it be perfect? Don’t worry if it isn’t!

Will it be chaotic? Probably!

Will it be worth it? Most definitely.

Spread the word! Please forward this onto others who might benefit from these resources.

P.S. if you’re looking for something really simple, remember, that our family devotions book is designed to keep your family encouraged as you go through 2-5 small chunks of the Bible a week. Each study is doable in just 10 minutes a day! Not too late to get your copy now.

You can download the 5 studies corresponding to these lessons from the book here.