Toy Story 4

Our pals Woody and Buzz are back in the latest movie from the hit franchise! They embark on an adventurous road trip with Bonnie making new friends and meeting up with some old ones. As you watch the film, here are 4 gospel conversation starters you could chat about as a family…

• Worry – Bonnie is nervous about her first day in a new class, Woody knows it would make it easier if she had someone with her. We all worry about starting somewhere new. How great to know we DO have someone who is always with us by his Spirit. Imagine if Bonnie’s parents had prayed with her before she went to kindergarten.
Matt 28:18-20 Jesus reminds us that He is in charge of everything and everywhere and will be absolutely with us as we go and live for him where he sends us.

• Value – Bonnie loves Forkie, even if he doesn’t look that impressive, because she made him. This is what gives Forkie value, not what he looks like. God made us. This is what gives us value, even if we don’t seem impressive.
Psalm 139:13-14 tells us God carefully and wonderfully made us exactly the way we are.

• Inner voice – Woody talks about listening to his inner voice to help him make good choices. It’s funny to watch Buzz try this out too. Whose voice do we have to listen to when making choices? How do we know that his voice is better than our own inner voice?
Matthew 7: 24-27 tells us that listening to the words of Jesus and doing what he says is the very best way to live.

• Loyalty – Woody was incredibly loyal to Andy and Bonnie. He said he existed to be there for them whenever they needed him. He worked really hard to get Forkie back for Bonnie. What was great about his loyalty? Was he great at asking for help? Could he keep it up? What won his heart in the end?
Hebrews 10:23-25 – tells us to hold on to the hope of heaven through Jesus, and that we need to meet together and encourage one another as we wait for Jesus to return because he who promised is faithful!!

Jesus Christ is the one who saves us, the one who is with us, the one who guides us by his Spirit and the one who will keep us. May he win our hearts – to infinity and beyond!!