Other special days

There was a time when I used to hide in my kitchen at the back of the house, with the lights out, for the whole of Halloween evening. I wasn’t afraid of ghosts, ghouls or zombies. I was just unwilling to open my door to strange children. They were strange both because I didn’t know them …

A short talk using a carved pumpkin prop to show that God is better than the best gardener, and that we don’t need to be scared of the dark, because Jesus is the light of life.

Wise children and husbands will thank and praise their mother/wife because she has chosen to keep loving them, but more important than that is if she is trusting in Jesus Christ- that is forever and is her greatest achievement.

The legendary marital argument on Mothering Sunday There is a Shropshire legend that a couple called Simon and Nelly wanted to make a cake to celebrate the coming of Easter with their children. As it was during Lent the cupboards were bare but they had some leftover Lenten dough and the final remain…

This assembly is designed to teach children that only God can grow our food; but at Harvest time we also remember those who work hard to provide our food.

A short talk with a fun quiz about God using the illustration of a mother comforting her child, to look forward to the day when he will comfort his people.

Aim: To know that God offers us that deep sense of comfort, as the best mother offers it to her child

Mothers show their love for us all the time, in what they do for us. That’s how we know they love us. In the same way God showed us his love for us by sending us Jesus- His only son.

Aim: To know that mothers help us to see how much God gave to show us his love.

Those who died serving in our armed forces have given up everything to protect us, to show they care for us, to show that they love their country. We must remember them. And we must remember Jesus, who gave his life, because he loved us, to give us the freedom to be in God’s family, foreve

Jesus said “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends” (John 15 v13). As we prepare for Remembrance Day, let’s try and remember Jesus’ words. Let’s remember what He gave up and what the soldiers gave up for us.

This lesson is aimed at year 1 children and will teach them what Believers Baptism is and why it is important for Christians.