The wonder of God’s word

It’s been so encouraging to hear from families who have been using “The Wonder of Easter” book and podcasts to read the Bible together. Here are some highlights:

• Families have read the Bible together at home for the first time ever

• Kids have been moved to pray about more than what they want

• Mums and Dads have lead their first ever family Bible study

• Honest conversations and real tears have been shed over what Jesus has done

• Kids have asked to read the Bible together, and laughed and set fire to things

• Parents are talking to one another honestly about parenting challenges

• The Bible has been brought into normal life – and not left in Sunday’s box

These are all wonderful reasons to thank God together!

So what now?

For Faith in Kids – it has confirmed our desire to support churches and equip parents with great resources that help us work together to raise children who trust Jesus Christ eternally. We plan to write another series for Advent, with podcasts, and are working on combined resources for churches and families for the future.

In the meantime …

You’ve started a wonderful journey, you’ve established a pattern, you know it’s possible to read the Bible together, so keep going! Here are some suggestions of what to try next:

Table Talk for Families – Aimed at children age 4-12, takes about 5 -10 minutes, simple to follow and gives you an activity to try, a passage to read, questions to answer and a suggestion for prayer.

XTB – Explore the Bible notes – they complement table talk and are designed for the child to complete independently but if you have particularly enjoyed completing a game or task when doing the wonder of Easter you might want to use these together, so there is more to do.

Long Story Short & Old Story New – very fat books that break down the Old Testament and New Testament stories into 10 minute chunks; read a passage, think about it, talk about it, pray about it. This would be particularly good for Junior School children who want to fit the Bible stories together. For younger ones, you will need to work harder to keep them engaged.

The Jesus Story Book Bible – For those new to reading the Bible together and with Infant school children, just reading this beautiful book through a few pages at a time after tea / during breakfast will help you understand the Bible’s big story.

Beginning With God, Bake through the Bible, Play through the Bible – For younger children. Hands-on fun ways to explore the Bible together.

The Diary of a Disciple – For older children wanting to start to read the Bible for themselves.


The book that really has the power is the Bible! You know your family best, you know what works for your kids, all you really need to do is pray for God’s help, and get open the Bible together. “The Wonder of Easter” was great because it helped us get the Bible open, get its truth into our normal lives, and wonder together at the Saviour God sent. The Wonder of knowing God’s word is a journey we’ve just begun.

“all Scripture is God breathed and useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” (2 Tim 3:16)

God’s word is what you need and what your family needs, so that they can know what is right, do what is right and keep loving Jesus until He returns, or calls us home.