The Bible-quoting musical phenomenon

Stuck for a Christmas present for a child?

Are you still looking for a present for a godchild, niece or nephew or perhaps you want a stocking filler for your own child? Then take a look at this album.

Randall CD

If you’re new to Randall Goodgame he’s a phenomenon! Coming from Nashville, Tennessee, as the centre of the nation’s country music scene, he has a rich pedigree. Starting out as a singer/songwriter, he wrote Christian kids music to fill time during a tour. Quickly, word spread and his foot-tapping, laughter-inducing, smile-widening, Bible-quoting albums were flying off the shelves.

This album is a compilation of his previous songs, with one or two new additions. In particular he has put together those of his songs that communicate the heart of the Gospel most clearly. So, perhaps more than any of his other albums, it is perfect for the godchild, niece or nephew who needs a little more precious Gospel in their lives but doesn’t get enough of you to bring it into their lives personally.

Randall writes incredibly catchy songs, but it’s clear he’s not just going for quick wins: his songs have a lasting quality to them that won’t grate on parent’s nerves after a few listens. And Randall has a great voice too – he’s the whole package! You can tell that no expense has been spared in the production of the music: it’s not just one of the best sounding Christian CDs on my shelf, it can hold its own amongst the better recordings of any type of music.

‘Home in Heaven’ is where the album starts, and it has a special place in my heart. When Co-Mission needed a song to help children feel Heaven’s joy; we asked and Randall did the business for us! It’s the only new song on this CD, and has a simple folk feel. But this isn’t a folk album. Once Track two (‘God makes messy things beautiful’) kicks in it’s clear this is something really special.

There might be just enough time to grab a copy of Randall Goodgame’s new album. Head to The Good Book Company for a copy or five.