Review: The Topsy Turvy Kingdom by Michael Tinker (CD)

This is Michael’s best album so far. He gets better and better!

Topsy Turvy

Michael has clearly worked hard to create an album packed full of meaningful lyrics, wonderful tunes, great production values and with a large chunk of humour thrown in. Check out ‘God’s Kingdom is here’ and ‘Jesus wins’ for great songs you will sing along to and then turn to chat to your children about.

My favourite song on this album is ‘You are lovingly made’ which tackles the very current issue of identity. Family discussions will fall out of this one. On your next car journey, ask your children how they would describe themselves to a stranger. See how your children would answer the question “Who are you?” Do they talk about what they look like or what they’re good at or who their parents are or where they live? At the moment our society is desperate for labels to give us value and meaning. Michael’s song brilliantly helps children to know where true value and meaning come from.

We need great, biblically rich songs to listen to in the car and in the kitchen that become part of the fabric of chaotic family life. Songs have that unique ability to get into our emotions and our hearts. When we find our children (and ourselves!) singing beautiful, enriching songs then we know we’re onto a winner.

Thank you Michael!
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