Review: Jelly Telly (Christian TV streaming)

Jelly Telly is a Children’s Christian media streaming provider.

You might have to read that sentence a few times to understand what it means. Still not there? Let me explain. There is an app/website thingy where your children can go to watch high quality Christian shows with helpful, encouraging, enjoyable content. That’s Jelly Telly.

If you’ve come across Veggie Tales and ‘What’s in the Bible?’ then Jelly Telly comes from those guys. It’s good stuff. Reliable content. Presented well. High quality production values. Some laughs. Plenty of reasons to investigate it further.

If you head to their website you can take a look at plenty of clips.

As well as that, have a go at their sample five minute family devotionals. They’re a simple format. You hit ‘play’. They read you a Bible verse. You watch some puppets saying funny stuff with some Bible explanation jammed in, then they ask your children some straightforward questions and get you praying. What could be simpler? And they truly do only take five minutes to complete. A great place to make a start if opening the Bible as a family is new to you.

If you like all of this, then you can take a look for free for a week at their full catalogue and for under £4 a month you can subscribe. Take a look. Tell us what you think. Maybe you’ve subscribed already? Any favourite shows?

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