Review: Awesome Cutlery (CD & Family Devotional)

Awesome cutlery is not predominantly concerned with Stainless Steel, well balanced handles or lifetime guarantees. Awesome cutlery is two confused superheroes – Captain Awesomeness and Cutlery Boy – who take us on a musical adventure . Both have powers that are, at best, moderately helpful – I can’t in all honesty describe those powers as ‘super’. Their songs uncover subjects like the awesome power of the Bible, the wonderful love of God and the baffling breadth of God’s creation (and that song does seem to feature a list of everything in all creation!)

The songs are a great mix of the zany, lightening quick, bafflingly wordy and beautifully sincere that your children will love to wrap their mouths around, interspersed with sketches that they won’t tire of laughing at, even if parents may prefer to skip over after the 17th play through. It is my privilege to call Captain Awesomeness and Cutlery Boy my friends. After listening to this CD, it may worry you to discover that they are both vicars. You will not find two more delightfully bonkers, musically gifted clergymen, who love Christ so deeply and long for children to grow up knowing him as their Lord. To help parents, they have also produced a book of short family devotions to go along with the CD that are brilliantly simple, and would be an excellent first stop for those parents who are nervous of opening up the Bible with their children.

Buy the two together, and give a set away to a friend who has a long road trip coming this summer.