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The Adventure of Christmas

Adaptable resources to celebrate Christmas

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Download the themed, customizable service bundle to create custom images, invitations and social media posts.

In this seasonal series you will find a Christmas buffet of resource treats. The four flexible sessions have been written so that you can fill your plate with what you and your church family need this Christmas.

Use the lesson plans as a Sunday School series, with optional scripts to help you tell the Bible story as a kids slot first.

Use the All-Welcome Service outlines as the basis for services suitable for everyone - young and old, church family and visitors alike.

Use the Family Adventure booklet as an outreach tool to give to local families along with Christmas literature, an invitation to church and a treat, all in a bag.

Combine elements from different weeks to create your own whole-Christmas- story extravaganza (e.g. Christmas festival service or outdoor Nativity Adventure)

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