Who am I? Foundation course

“Who am I?”

Our confused culture is asking children to create their own answers to that question. This pressure to decide everything for themselves robs them of the secure identity that God has given them.

They’re left anxiously wondering…

  • “Am I good enough?”
  • “Do I fit in?”

We have a rock to stand on in uncertainty. We can be confident in who God says we are.

This 7-week resource for Churches will help open up positive conversations with families.  With study notes, all age talks, activities, visuals, questions and parents handouts you can take on their biggest questions.

We’ve included a little support package for the graphic elements for you to use in a number of creative ways (creating things like service powerpoints, and for use in fb posts and Whatsapp messages to parents, and even for use on big screens in the children’s group). You can download it in pdf format as part of the pack. If you would prefer individual jpeg files, you can get them from this folder.

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