We need Jesus lesson 5 – We need Jesus to win

This story paints a beautiful picture of Jesus for us. Here we see both his great power and his gentle care. The devil’s control of the demon-possessed men produces violence and fear. Everyone else keeps their distance, yet Jesus is not afraid. He is kind to these tormented men, setting them free from their captivity.

In this world we are very used to seeing strength used for selfish ends. Power used to benefit only the powerful. But here, the most powerful figure on the scene uses his power to show compassion to the weak. We are right to be in awe of Jesus’ power shown here. No other man in all of human history had the authority to direct evil forces to obey him.

The people of the town saw his power, yet they wanted to get rid of him. Who would want to get close to a man like this? Anything might happen! They were afraid. They’d rather be in ones in charge. They recognised his power but they hadn’t experienced his gentle care for themselves. But those of us who know him, who have read the whole of his life story, who have seen his compassion for the weak and experienced it in our own lives, know that we have nothing to fear from him, and nothing to fear from anything else when he is with us.

Questions to Ponder

How do I feel when I think of Jesus’ immense power? Do I want to keep him at a distance, holding onto the power to run my own life? Or do I draw near in faith, knowing that he graciously uses his power to protect and care for the weak and powerless, including me?

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