Do you want to know who Jesus really is? Join the Secret Agents Academy and find out the truth as you dig deep into Luke’s Gospel in this 5 day Holiday Club!

Everything you need for a week of fun, amazing Bible truths, catchy songs and Secret Agent challenges are just a click away.

The package includes:

– All the information needed to help you plan and run an in person holiday club even if you’re starting from a blank page (e.g. a 3 month planning document, timetable example, 3 or 4 day overview including an all age Sunday service plan, suggested list of roles and responsibilities)

– A teaching program in Luke’s gospel with full length talk scripts for each day – with notes on props to make your talk visual and engaging.

– Comedy drama scripts, Bible narrative scripts, song suggestions, worksheets for different age groups and activity ideas.

– ‘The Sketch’ videos – our Secret Agent wants to find out who Jesus is. Join him as he shares the day’s Big Question in video one and the Big Answer he has uncovered in video two. These videos can be found on the Faith in Kids Youtube Channel Holiday Club – Secret Agents playlist

Ready to create your Secret Agents Holiday Club? Download our resources, get your Secret Agent disguise on and have an excellent week uncovering the truth about Jesus!

This full holiday club package has a ‘Virtual’ component that can be found here on our website. The ‘Virtual’ component was created as an alternative holiday club to be run online in the event of in person gatherings being restricted.

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