Growing Up: God’s Good Story (Sunday School Sessions)

We’ve written Growing Up after the popularity of our introductory resource, “Who am I?”, which taught about the identity our Creator God gives us and how that changes our sense of belonging and the value we have.

Growing Up: God’s Good Story goes further, providing age-appropriate teaching on issues such as bodies, being made male or female, handling our feelings and God’s good design for relationships.

Each of our 6 Sunday school sessions is accompanied by…

  • A training video for the kids leader
  • A supporting podcast and take-home sheet just for the parents
  • A kids podcast for the whole family to enjoy together.

We can all find talking about these topics challenging – we want to start conversations and support parents to continue them. With parents and churches working in partnership, we hope our children will trust God’s good story for Growing Up. Let’s help each other out so our kids can win.

In this download you will also find some slides you can use in your church to show what lesson is being taught that week, including a QR code linking to the Growing Up podcasts.

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