Easter Explained Sunday School sessions

Easter Explained is new series contains 4 Sunday school lessons which bring to life 4 statements Jesus says in the book of John, Easter Explained by Jesus! Jesus is a man on a mission to give his life to save his friends.

Each lesson in this series contains preparation notes for leaders, an all-age together time, teaching for 7s and under and 8s and over, as well as brain breaks, a craft, visuals and discussion questions – everything you’ll need for a Sunday School lesson this Easter.

The 4 lessons are:

  • The garden: “I am he” – John 18:1-12a
  • The cross: “It is finished” – John 19:17-18, 28-30 (ideal for Good Friday)
  • The empty tomb: “My father and your father” – John 20:1-18 (ideal for Easter Sunday)
  • The locked room: “Stop doubting and believe” – John 20:19-20, 24-29

There are also Easter Explained all-age service plans for lessons 2 (Good Friday) and 3 (Easter Sunday) to fit around all-age service and Sunday school provision over Easter. The all-age service plans can be found here.

The parent take home sheets are designed to be given out as a pack at the beginning of the series. There are 2 paths for each lesson – starting simple and digging deeper – so that all families can continue the conversation at home.

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