A Parent’s Guide to Grounding Identity in Christ

Raising Confident Kids in a Confusing World

Full of biblical truth, practical wisdom and discussion questions, this book will inspire and equip parents to help their children find their identity in being made and loved by Jesus. The real-life stories it contains are drawn from every stage of family life, from birth through to the teenage years, making it a valuable resource for any parent. It can be read alone, as a couple or in a group with others from your church.

This book is part of a 4-year project by Faith in Kids to produce a range of resources on Identity (entitled ‘Who Am I?’), which also includes Sunday School lessons and podcasts.

About the Author - Ed Drew

Ed Drew is the Ministry Director of Faith in Kids (faithinkids.org), a registered charity in the UK, which exists to see confident parents and thriving churches raising children together to trust Christ eternally. Before founding Faith in Kids, Ed spent 13 years as the children’s ministry leader for a large church in London. He is the author of Meals with Jesus, The Wonder of Easter and The Adventure of Christmas and the presenter of the Faith in Kids podcasts. He is married to Mary and they have three children, aged 15, 12 and 8 yrs old.

This Book is Part of the Who Am I? Suite of Resources

This 7-week resource for churches will help open up positive conversations with families. With study notes, all age talks, activities, visuals, questions and parents handouts you can take on their biggest questions.

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