Lockdown Sunday resources

We have come to the end of our 8-week Matthew teaching Series – “We need Jesus.” Here are a few things we have learned.

• Keep it simple – parents are overwhelmed – don’t give them more than a page.

• Make it visual – kids are fed up, engage them with the story – see it, act it, feel it, 3 mins teaching time is ideal.

• Help them talk – give simple questions that help them understand how what they have heard from God’s word can change them.

• Encourage prayer – for younger ones, give them words to help, for older ones, give them ideas to make their own.

If you are the kids leader in your church – your kids would love to see you, it doesn’t have to be professional, or slick just you, close up talking to camera with a couple of things to hold up is brilliant. If you can send your parents a 1 pager giving them something to read, a game to play, questions to ask and a suggestion for prayer – that would be great!

We all need encouraging that we can do it – with God’ word open before us and and His Sprit helping within us – we can’t lose!

If you’re still looking for more resources for your church to use during lockdown, perhaps you don’t have leaders who can step up right now, here are a few we’ve found…

Virtual Family Church: An online family service, great for those with School age children, includes songs from the Keswick convention and everyone’s favourite Colin B and a kids talk from Andy Gawn. Streaming at 9.30am on clayton tv and Youtube

Virtual Sunday School – join incredibly jolly Nat on Youtube for lively stories, fun crafts and a prayer. It’s like Blue Peter, only about Jesus! They are also doing a virtual Holiday Club in August, check out their Youtube channel or facebook page for more details.

Kidswise teaching material at A program for parents to use during COVID-19. Great material for those with under 5’s as well as School age children and the option to purchase a beautiful short mini movie to use in your online service. 

Together at home Sunday packs – Bible passage, simple discussion questions, family activities and prayer suggestions, simple and easy to follow, great for younger primary school kids. There’s also printable puzzle sheets and an option linked to the Lectionary calendar.

• The Jesus Story Book Bible Videos – There are some videos available from Sally Lloyd-Jones’ award winning Bible on the Zondervan Youtube channel that they have given permission for churches to use in their livestreams during COVID-19.

This short list is aimed to give you a simple range to look at, there are many others out there and your usual Sunday School curriculum providers may offer advice on how to adapt their resources for use during lockdown, if you’re still stuck, email us at