Lockdown reading review from a 12 year old

The Wingfeather saga is a saga of four books written by Andrew Peterson. I got book 1 for Christmas, read it, bought book 2 with some Christmas money I was given and am writing this review to earn book 3!

Book 1 is about a family of two brothers, one sister, a mother and a Grandad. They are the Igiby family. The Igibys live in a town called Glipwood which is on the edge of the dark sea. Glipwood is ruled by the fangs of Dang. They are lizard men with a poisonous bite, they are the monsters who serve Gnag the nameless (the big baddy). The Igibys get into trouble with the lizards and have to go into hiding.

As the adventure continues the family find out that they are connected to the shining isle of Anniera and end up on the run from the evil lizards and their boss. They have to battle through many fights and endure many adventures as they aim to restore the shining isle. Their trust in the maker and their mum’s example (I wonder who bought me this book!) helps them to keep going.

I enjoyed the story as just a great adventure story that has lots of room for imagination. You read it asking – “will they be OK? ”will the family make it?” and you want to keep turning the pages. The author who wrote these books is a Christian and a they’re bit like the Narnia stories – this story points to God’s bigger Bible story. (I was going to say ‘pinches bits from’ but Mum says every story is God’s story really – !?!?!) The adventures of the family are a bit like our adventures as people who follow Jesus: we face hard times, we’re looking forward to being in a wonderful city, we are precious jewels in our maker’s eyes and we need to keep battling on in our own adventures.

I would score this book 10/10 but I would say it was a bit too scary for my little sister. If you enjoy reading books like Harry Potter and are aged around 8-14 – give it a try. The books are on Audible too.

Can I have book 3 now please?

Written by Ernie Smith – age 12