This assembly is designed to teach children that only God can grow our food; but at Harvest time we also remember those who work hard to provide our food.

During this lesson we aim to teach students that the New Testament contains stories about the life of Jesus and stories Jesus told, such as the Good Samaritan. We reflect on what the story teaches us: that we must love other people no matter who they are.

This 20 minute lesson aims to teach pupils that some stories are special to religious groups. It explains that at Easter Christians celebrate Jesus’ new life.

During this 30 minute lesson pupils talk about signs of ‘new life’ in the world around them in spring, and talk about new beginnings. Children are told about Jesus’ death and resurrection, to emphasise the idea that he is special for Christians.

During this 40 minute lesson pupils should learn: The events and significance of Holy Week: 

Palm Sunday (Triumphal entry)

Opposition to Jesus

Last supper and betrayal

Good Friday (trials and crucifixion)

Easter Sunday (resurrection appearance)

During this 45 minute lesson pupils should learn: The events and significance of Holy Week and be able to explain why Jesus died.

This assembly looks at the question: how good is good enough and who do you have to be kind to. Through the parable of the good samaritan we learn that we need to be kind to everyone, even the people we don’t like, even the people who don’t like us.

In this assembly we learn that David beat Goliath because he trusted God, and God did everything to let David win. It teaches the children that God always wins. He did with David. He did with Jesus.

Based on the television talent show “X-Factor”, this assembly sees favourite Christmas characters compete to see who will be the X-mas Factor Christmas Superstar. Jesus puts the “X” into the Xmas Factor – he is the Son of God who makes us friends with God.

This assembly attempts to show to the children that religion is good, and not dangerous through the life of Anthony Ashley Cooper, 7th earl of Shaftesbury.