Half term fun?

Light nights, long days, SATS over … It’s been a long half term and we’ve all had enough. HOORAY FOR HALF TERM BREAK! Until, perhaps, 10.30am on Tuesday, when we realise we are the same people with the same arguments / issues – just perhaps in a different / more beautiful location.
So here are some top tips for things to do this half term:

1) PRAY – together that this week you will love one another better and that God will help you use this time together to enjoy and love the family He has given you.
2) TALK – what are you expecting this week? This could really help with those frustrations – one person wants wall-to-wall action, another wants to chill, the kids want friends round, you want time away – try and get some balance.
3) PLAN – Include your kids in some decisions, how will you spend your time & money. Of course they want an ice cream, a trip out and a new toy every day, because they don’t know better. Help them know better. We have £X to spend – will we use it for one big day out and then walks, park trips and playing with our existing toys, or will we spend a bit each day, doing several, smaller activities?
4) VALUE – the greatest thing we can give our kids is our time and attention. Offer them a whole hour with phone off and jobs ignored. “What would you like us to do together?” Bake, play a game, watch a film, build a den?
5) WORDS – round the table, at a café, wherever you are. Give your children a list of questions they can choose from that you have to answer – What’s your funniest memory? Did you get picked on at school? When did you trust Jesus? How did you meet Mum/Dad?

1 Corinthians 10:31 – So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, (over half term) do it all for the glory of God.