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Take a look at some of our best Easter resources!

For Churches

Weekend of Wonder is a resource churches can use to encourage families to open the Bible and enjoy the good news of Easter
The Easter Egg splat is an assembly showing children that Jesus loved us so much that he gave up his life to give life to those who follow him
This toddler Easter story talk explains that Easter eggs symbolise new life, and that Jesus came to give us new life

We have 2 books that work brilliantly well as family bible studies over Lent. Why not try them as a family or as a church?

Explaining the first Easter to children represents a particular challenge. Their heads are full of bunnies, daffodils and chocolate eggs. There is potential for disappointed expectations!

For Families

Come and listen to our series of family podcasts to use over Lent
The Surprise of Your Life is an all age Easter game show with special guests Awesome Cutlery
A real time baking lesson, featuring Ed Drew and Martha Collison, including a simple explanation of the reason for the season.