EASTER ASSEMBLY: HOT CROSS BUNS AND EASTER EGGS – This 10 minute assembly uses familiar Easter treats – hot cross buns and Easter eggs – to explain Jesus’ death on the cross and his resurrection. Two eye witnesses will explain how these treats remind us of the truth about East

During this 30 minute lesson pupils will learn that Christmas is a Christian festival remembering the birth of the Baby Jesus and the events surrounding his birth. 2 options for a craft activity included in the lesson plan.

The download included 2x 40 minute lessons. During these lessons pupils learn about the celebration of Jesus’ birth and how it shows he is special for Christians.

During this 60 minute lesson pupils should learn:
• About Jesus’ birth and it’s meaning to Christians
• Show understanding of who Christians believe Jesus to be and why
• Raise questions about aspects of the life of Jesus which they find puzzling, giving their

This assembly aims to show pupils that Jesus has risen from the dead and that at Easter we celebrate the new life he had given us.

This assembly aims to show children what love is, and that Jesus loved us so much that he gave up His life to give life to those who follow Him.

An inspector is tasked to find out the the truth about Easter. With the help of a Roman soldier and Peter, he finally understands that Easter is about Jesus’ death and resurrection and that he died to save normal people like us.

This assembly aims to show that God made us to be like him – a creator, doing good, not an unkind destroyer.

This assembly is aimed to show that Jesus comes looking even for the worst of people and brings them into His family. No one is beyond hope.

This assembly is designed to teach children that only God can grow our food; but at Harvest time we also remember those who work hard to provide our food.