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A talk that encourages children to come alongside 3 key Christmas characters and explore how the birth of Jesus offers ordinary people an extraordinary encounter with the God who welcomes them.

A Christmas story walk-through is also available on the same theme, which is designed for those

God with us…he is never socially distanced, even when we have to be

So let’s step out of our church buildings and celebrate the birth of Christ in ways we would never have considered before!

Please don’t panic. Please read on. I know that question induces a similar emotional reaction to, “Are you praying enough?” and “How is your personal evangelism going?” I promise to be gentle with you. I want to encourage you, help you and finish with a few quick pra ...
I had a text from a mum friend before church, “Have you got crackers – I can’t survive church without them, and we are out.” I didn’t have any, but I totally understood the question. Church with little ones (and particularly under 3s) is hard. Round 1< ...

In this assembly Professor Potion tries to figure out the ingredients for the perfect Christmas, and he discoveres that Jesus is the one ingredient that makes Christmas go with a bang!