A Wonder Full Easter?

27 Feb 2019

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The shops are already filled with chocolate eggs and fluffy chicks and straw bonnets, Pancake Day is just around the corner, Easter is on the way!

How will your family celebrate Easter this year? Egg hunt, lamb roast, chocolate for breakfast, and just generally too much chocolate? Wouldn’t it be great if when Easter Sunday arrived your family was actually full of the real wonder of Easter, that Jesus died to pay sin’s price, and rose to bring new life. Wouldn’t it be great if we had walked with Jesus on His journey to Easter Sunday, one that was tough and difficult but totally essential!

As parents, our journey to teach our kids the Bible can feel tough and difficult, but it really is essential. We know that of all the good things we give our kids, the best thing we can give them is Jesus. So why do we find it so hard?

• We don’t know where to start
• We don’t think we can fit it in
• We don’t think we will do a good job
• We are waiting to be in more in control before we can start

Help is at hand – Ed wrote and finished a book!!


An Easter journey for the whole family. Don’t know where to start? Start here!

Can’t fit it in? Please fight to find 10 minutes to point your kids to Jesus twice a week – have messier hair, or a messier home or worse food or something – because ultimately, these things won’t matter- but not knowing Jesus really will.

Don’t think you can do it well? PERFECT! You are uniquely qualified to be relying on Jesus to help you by His Spirit and He PROMISES that He is absolutely with you every time you make the slightest effort to make disciples.

Waiting for that quieter day? Forget that! Jesus came into our mess to bring us hope and life rescue – so the best time to talk about Him with your kids is in the middle of every day normal messy life.
So grab a copy of The Wonder of Easter, decide whether you are going to take the ALL OUT route (5 studies a week from now to Easter Sunday) or the highlights tour (which works out at about 2 a week) and take your family on a journey to a wonder-filled Easter.

For more help and inspiration you can also listen to Ed and Jam be occasionally amusing on the Faith in Kids podcasts: one for kids (called “Faith in Kids”) one for parents (“Faith in Parents”). These complement the Wonder of Easter book. Share your journey with us – the highs and lows - at Faith in Kids on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram – we’d love to hear how you get on using these resources.

Come on, Let’s smash it!! (Like you would a chocolate egg!)

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