The Christmas Advert!

13 Nov 2018

Blog image: The Christmas Advert

We are waiting with baited breath for the big day.

What will the John Lewis advert be?

A man on the moon, a badger on a trampoline, a penguin? The hype is real.

How will the others compare? Is Kevin the carrot from Aldi really going to make it? Will M&S pull themselves back and bring the magic and sparkle? (other retailers' adverts are also available)

So let me give you the highlights of this year’s adverts so far, while we wait for the big day…

Asda are bringing Christmas home – with Santa firing a snow cannon, skaters bringing appetisers, yetis, sledges, crackers and food.

Debenhams are doing star shoppers who nail the perfect gift.

Currys are upgrading a glorious Dickensian Christmas with tablets, hover boards and noise cancelling headphones.

Aldi are terrifying children everywhere with a literal cliff hanger- as Kevin the carrot swerves his “holidays are coming” style lorry off the roads and we wait to see if he will make the next instalment.

But twitter is buzzing that we aren’t happy; it’s a festive fail. There isn’t enough emotion, they aren’t fuzzy, there’s no heart-wrenching storyline that brings tears to our eyes. It’s not giving us the “feelings” that the Amazon cardboard boxes are singing about.

We are waiting for the better story! Surely John Lewis will deliver it with its mega stars and mega budget everywhere in the UK for free? But what if they don’t?

If only there was a better story; if only there was a way to capture the true meaning of Christmas and make it emotional? If only there was a story good enough that it wouldn’t have to be rebranded, repackaged and remarketed every year? If only there was an eternal story – made personal – that could really affect how I feel this Christmas? If only there could be “great joy for all people” even those without Amazon Prime, or shiny gadgets or prawn rings?

There is a better story that we have come to know, a saviour has been born, our lives have been touched, our sins can be forgiven, we can know real peace, eternal riches and great joy, because He was delivered – delivered to us and for us. “He was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification”.

He came for me, He died for me, He rose for me! He is with me, He loves me, He waits to welcome me home – good news, of great joy has been personally delivered – my heart is won by His story.

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