Books/CDs: at Christmas for kids

There are so many ways we can be distracted from the true meaning of Christmas during the holidays. Why not make time for one or more of these resources celebrating the birth our Lord Jesus Christ while you’re enjoying time together as a family this Christmas?

Randall Goodgame Sing the Bible Family Christmas CD. In the series' Christmas incarnation, Goodgame uses passages from prophecy, the gospels, and the epistles to tell the greatest story ever told. Tthese Scripture-based songs will be so refreshing to your soul that you’ll want to sing them throughout the year.

Colin Buchanan is always a big hit with children and adults alike. His Christmas CD King of Christmas is also available DVD. Based solidly in the biblical account of the very first Christmas, Colin cooks, skates, clip-clops, and sings and dings his way through his most ambitious DVD yet.

If you’re looking for some family activities that you can do together, why not Bake through the Bible at Christmas? One of the many reviews of this book says: “The book does two things very well. It includes useful suggestions about how to get your child interested and involved in baking and it also takes the reader through the Christmas story. Not only does it provide opportunities to read the story though. It helpfully prompts the reader to think through the implications of the different parts of the story then finishes each recipe with ideas of how to pray in response to what’s been read. It’s a great way to spend some quality time with your child doing an activity that most children enjoy. A chance to bake and understand more of the Bible at the same time.”

For children aged 6 and above, Light in the Darkness: A Christmas Story, is a great book to read during the holidays. A stunning graphic realisation of the Christmas Story, from Luke 1-2, using nothing but unedited Bible text. Young adults and teenagers who like comics will be happy to read it by themselves.

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