Easter Explained is new series contains 4 Sunday school lessons which bring to life 4 statements Jesus says in the book of John, Easter Explained by Jesus! Jesus is a man on a mission to give his life to save his friends.

Each lesson in this series contains preparation notes for leaders, a

Here are two all-age service plans – from the series Easter Explained – perfect to use this Easter on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

  • The cross: “It is finished” can be used on Good Friday – John

A church-run evangelistic outreach club for children aged 8-11.

At the centre of the club is a short, clear, evangelistic Bible talk. The activities are big, fun and high energy. Despite its name, there is no real danger involved, but it feels exciting!



A series of 3 kids slots helping children get excited about going back to school after the summer holidays. The series gives 3 compelling reasons why christian children have more reasons to look forward to going back to school than anyone else:

We go to school with Jesus

Jesus said “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends” (John 15 v13). As we prepare for Remembrance Day, let’s try and remember Jesus’ words. Let’s remember what He gave up and what the soldiers gave up for us.

Those who died serving in our armed forces have given up everything to protect us, to show they care for us, to show that they love their country. We must remember them. And we must remember Jesus, who gave his life, because he loved us, to give us the freedom to be in God’s family, foreve

11 toddler stories to teach that God made everything just by speaking and that Jesus also could make and heal just by speaking.

The titles in this series are:
God made… The world, fruit, the sun & moon, fish, animals, people

Jesus… Heals the lame, Heals the bli

13 toddler stories to teach that God cares and that Jesus cared in just the same way.

These stories were written to provide a term of weekly slots for a Mums and Toddler Outreach group for the Summer term. They can just as easily be used in a Dads and Toddler group or in a Sunday Church to