This assembly is designed to teach children that only God can grow our food; but at Harvest time we also remember those who work hard to provide our food.

A 5-day program looking at Mark’s account of Jesus’ life. Bill and Ted, two likeable characters, attend the Heroes Academy to become super heroes, but soon discover that Jesus is the ultimate super hero worth following – he is real and can save us. A frantic mix of Bible storie

During this 45 minute lesson pupils should learn: The events and significance of Holy Week and be able to explain why Jesus died.

This assembly helps children work out who Jesus is through one of his miracles. It also explains that Jesus was kind to feed all those people, exactly the same way as God is kind to us. And that we should always thank people who give us food.

11 toddler stories to teach that God made everything just by speaking and that Jesus also could make and heal just by speaking.

The titles in this series are:
God made… The world, fruit, the sun & moon, fish, animals, people

Jesus… Heals the lame, Heals the bli

This assembly looks at the story of the rich young ruler who chose not to be with Jesus in eternity because he wouldn’t give up his wealth. Sometimes it is difficult to make the right decisions, but following Jesus is the best choice because life with Him would be as good as it can be.