This series of 8 all age talks is based on the Beatitudes. Each 5 minute talk looks at one saying and teaches the whole church family about what life in the kingdom looks like. Be encouraged together to keep living the ‘Blessed’ life because it’s the best life!

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In this seasonal series you will find a Christmas buffet of resource treats. The four flexible sessions have been written so that you can fill your plate with what you and your church family need this Christmas.

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A church-run evangelistic outreach club for children aged 8-11.

At the centre of the club is a short, clear, evangelistic Bible talk. The activities are big, fun and high energy. Despite its name, there is no real danger involved, but it feels exciting!



Matthew’s story shows us the great power and compassion of a Saviour who transforms lives. Hear what he says. See what he does. The desperate woman clinging to his cloak is called “daughter”. He walks with the grieving father. He holds the little girl’s hand and she lives.

Matthew’s story helps us see the connection between how we respond to Jesus and how we view others. If we view ourselves as sinners in need of a Saviour, failures whose only hope is grace, we will extend grace to our fellow sinners. Once we have been humbled to recognise our own sinful stat

Perhaps you know this story well. Where are the crowds blocking the doors? Where is the hole in the roof? Matthew didn’t make a mistake with what he left out. He is drawing his own picture, to highlight what is most important. He wants us to see and hear the shock of the claim – “So

This story paints a beautiful picture of Jesus for us. Here we see both his great power and his gentle care. The devil’s control of the demon-possessed men produces violence and fear. Everyone else keeps their distance, yet Jesus is not afraid. He is kind to these tormented men, setting the

Matthew is building a picture for us of Jesus – The king who rules and the saviour who cares. In just these few short verses we see Jesus the man (needing to sleep) and Jesus the commander of creation (calming the storm). I’m so glad we have a saviour who understands our fears, has experi

There are many times when we feel that we are not in control. In those moments we find out where our faith truly lies. Do we depend on our own ability to fix things, or are we trusting someone else to be in charge. The powerful centurion had great faith – not in his own ability to control thing

Jesus has just stepped down from teaching on the mountain (Matthew 5-7). But he is not a teacher out of touch with reality. A leper rushed up, knelt before him and made a desperate request: “if you are willing, you can make me clean.”

This man cannot help himself. He has an inc