Advent Calendar Guide

If you want to make sure your kids get a piece of God’s word in the countdown to Christmas, then consider getting one of these advent calendars for them instead of (or to compliment) the one you usually pick up at your local supermarket.

Blog image: advent calendar guide 2019

1. The Prince of Peace Advent calendar is a great option to send in place of a regular Christmas card or something small for your children to open each day on their bedside table. Behind each window you open you’ll find a Bible verse.

2. The Christmas Promise Advent calendar is aimed at pre-school children. Comes complete with 25 stickers, telling the Christmas story of how God kept His promise to send a new King. It doesn’t include questions or Bible text for each day of Advent. Instead, the idea is to read the story The Christmas Promise each day, probably in snippets, and for the children to add a sticker to the picture as they look forward to Christmas. There is also a colouring and activity book that goes along with the advent calendar plus there is a big colouring poster that is free to download off of The Good Book Company website which is great for a Christmas activity with little ones. If you work in children’s ministry they also have free downloads for illustrations from the book to use in Christmas church services.

3. The Littlest Watchman is an engaging Advent calendar for children aged 4-11. It is linked with The Littlest Watchman Storybook and includes 25 family devotionals. The calendar windows can be torn off and hung on a simple version of Jesus’ family tree known as a “Jesse tree”.

4. For those, who simply can’t imagine an advent calendar without chocolates we recommend The Real Advent Calendar from the Meaningful Chocolate Company. Behind each of the 25 windows there is a line from the Christmas story with a high quality colour picture. The calendar comes with a 24-page Christmas story activity book.

5. For something different, families with young children can opt for My Christmas Activity Book. The perfect countdown to Christmas to any 2-8 year old. Filled with puzzles and codes, activities and crafts to help you remember the real reason for Christmas – the fact that God sent his Son to the world so that people could become God’s friends once more.